Manage Your Increased Data

Genetec Clearance helps you manage evidence throughout the lifecycle of an investigation and makes sure your clearance rates move in the right direction. And now you can sign-up for a 45-day trial to see how Genetec Clearance can work for you.

Watch Genetec Clearance™ Overview Video

With more devices capturing video evidence than ever before, you need tools that can handle the ever-increasing size, variety, and complexity of your security data. Genetec Clearance™ is a digital evidence management system that helps you manage the storage and distribution of digital evidence from cameras and other devices. Designed as an open platform, this simple, secure, and flexible solution helps accelerate investigations by allowing people to import and synchronize data and by facilitating collaboration.

Close cases faster with Genetec Clearance

  • Collect all your evidence

    Gather data from disparate sources and store it in a centralized, scalable system. Integrate video and other types of evidence and save files while increasing storage capacity without worrying about server maintenance.

  • Automate labor-intensive tasks

    Save time by locating media without having to search through volumes of digital evidence. Convert and play videos automatically, easily redact sensitive information and take advantage of advanced classification tools.

  • Manage operations

    Synchronize with existing CAD and RMS to manage cases more efficiently. Reduce the time and labor required to juggle multiple applications and classify evidence to make locating files easier.

  • Share evidence safely at the click of a button

    Collaborate with an unlimited number of users inside or outside of your organization. Avoid time-consuming storage and transportation, respond to FOIA requests, and receive public evidence securely.