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Technology is only as valuable as its impact on real life. Learn how we helped Chicago create a strategic decision support center (SDSC) and reduce shootings by 70%.

Chicago did it.

What is an SDSC?

An SDSC is a crime-fighting nerve center that facilitates decision making through increased intelligence and better understanding.

Built using dedicated hardware and software solutions, they are housed in local police departments of big and small cities. They help law enforcement groups develop proactive strategies to meet the challenges of their specific neighborhoods.

Learn how to set up an SDSC.

Our SDSC solutions

A public safety decision support system that unifies operations
A digital evidence management system that collects, manages, and shares data
A framework that facilitates public-private collaboration

How can an SDSC help your city?

  • By unlocking insights from local datasets, an SDSC improves policing and creates safer communities in cities of all sizes.
  • Reduce crime through proactive community engagement
  • Promote collaboration between citizens, businesses, and police
  • Increase intelligence for responding officers

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