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Often, when companies talk about unification, they actually mean the clunky integration of multiple independent products, vendors, servers, and training programs. At Genetec, we want to give you the ability to work smarter with a truly unified solution.

Security Center is our unified security platform that blends IP security systems within a single intuitive interface to simplify your operations.

From video surveillance, access control, and automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) to communications, intrusion detection, and optional analytics, Security Center empowers your organization through enhanced situational awareness, unified command and control, and connectivity to the cloud.

We build truly unified systems that help you protect the everyday.

Unify your operations

View all of your systems from one interface

Move away from the hassle and expense of independent systems and take advantage of a unified platform that gives you a view of all your security information. With consolidated monitoring, reporting, and a map-centric approach to security management, Security Center helps your team see the bigger picture. The result? Your team is more efficient, makes better decisions, and can respond to incidents more rapidly.

Customize as you go

Choose from a variety of modular applications and build a system that matches your unique requirements. Beyond core access control, video surveillance, ANPR systems, and communications management, Security Center supports a wide range of advanced features and plugins such as Mass Notification, Active Directory, and POS integration.

Use your existing infrastructure

Integrate your existing hardware with Security Center. Our platform supports an ever-growing list of video surveillance and access control hardware. Our open solutions give you the flexibility to choose your cameras and other add-ons to address current and future needs. This leads to even greater investment longevity as your organization continues to evolve. 

Rely on a cybersecure solution

Rely on a platform that provides continuous access and is engineered to limit system interruptions, all while offering enhanced IT-based security that prevents unauthorized access to sensitive data. All of our solutions are designed with several security layers, employing advanced authentication and encryption technologies. To learn more about our approach to developing cybersecure solutions, visit our Trust Center.

Get a complete view

3 core systems. 1 solution.

Deploy one or deploy all, depending on your needs:
  • Video management system: Efficiently manage and monitor HD video with Security Center Omnicast™
  • Access control system: Manage the flow of people and secure your buildings with Security Center Synergis™
  • Automatic number plate recognition (ANPR): Enforce parking, optimize traffic flow, and identify vehicles with Security Center AutoVu™

Scale as you grow

Choose from optional modules such as:
  • Interactive and graphical mapping: Dynamically visualize and manage security by navigating through facilities with Plan Manager
  • Communications management: Enable seamless communications between operators and intercom devices throughout your organization with Sipelia™
  • Remote access to Security Center: View live or recorded video, control remote cameras and review access control events with Security Center Mobile

Get the most out of your platform

Benefit from built-in enterprise features including:
  • Centralized monitoring across multi-site systems: Unify monitoring, reporting, and alarm management operations of all sites with Genetec Federation™
  • Global cardholder management: Easily synchronize cardholders across different locations
  • Cloud Archives: Safely store video recordings in the cloud

Address emerging needs at any time

Our large partner ecosystem enables you to customize your add-ons to improve:
  • Visualization: Get an intelligent, structured view of your security environment by integrating video walls dashboards, and AutoCAD
  • Identification: Implement face recognition, biometrics, and ID scanning as needed to reinforce your access control
  • Protection: Improve physical security with add-ons such as intrusion, gunshot and perimeter detection, and asset management
  • Efficiency: Integrate building automation and intelligent parking systems to Security Center

A platform you can rely on

Ensure the ongoing health of your platform with the System Availability Monitor

With the System Availability Monitor (SAM), you can quickly identify system errors, fix them, and ensure that your system is running optimally. SAM allows you to collect health information and view the health status of your Security Center systems so that you can prevent and proactively resolve technical issues.

Benefit from a proactive maintenance of your system with the Genetec Update Service

Check for new updates, automatically download updates, and view when the last installation was done. With the Genetec Update Service (GUS), you can quickly and easily update your Security Center products when a new release becomes available.

Security Center in action

Have a look at the capabilities of our unified platform, how some of our customers use it, and how your organization can benefit from it.

Video on visual reporting

Learn about visual reporting and how it can help you visually interpret and understand your data in Security Center 5.7.

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White paper on enhancing physical security through system unification

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