Is your security at a standstill?

Moving from analog to IP doesn’t mean you have to start from scratch. As transit authorities modernize their technology and fleets, an easy path towards an IP-based solution is possible. We want to give you the ability to work smarter with an open solution that lets you scale and grow as you need.

We build truly unified systems to provide you with a comprehensive view of your fleets, stations, perimeter, and platforms.

From video surveillance, access control, and automatic license plate recognition (ALPR), and optional analytics, our unified platform empowers your organization through enhanced situational awareness, unified command and control, and connectivity to the cloud.

How we can help

Onboard buses and trains

Offloading video surveillance footage from your buses and trains has never been easier. With intelligent bookmarking in Security Center OmnicastTM only bookmarked events get transferred, quickly and efficiently. These events can be triggered by sensors such as a panic button push or a collision detection sensor. Other triggers including the detection of a lightbar on top of a police car or GPS sensors can be marked using smart tagging. The result? Onboard safety is enhanced via live video feeds, while intelligent bookmarking, geolocation, cellular and Wi-Fi video offloading improve safety and efficiency. Learn how the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority did it!

At stations and platforms

Providing the best passenger experience means being able to see what is occurring throughout your stations and platforms at all times. With an open architecture approach to physical security, you can centralize data collection and allow your security personnel to effectively monitor, access, and react to any situation. Analytics such as people counting, and heat maps let you assess passenger flow to ensure a positive experience for all. See how the County of Lackawanna Transit System secured their new mass transit hub with IP video.

In transit facilities

Safeguard your property and equipment by investing in a physical security system that unifies video surveillance with access control. By having a unified view and control of your transit facilities, including administrative buildings, bus depots, and train yards, you will be able to minimize false liability claims, prevent vandalism, and reduce damage to your extensive property.

4 reasons to ride with us

Stay informed on your fleet with geofencing

Imagine creating a virtual perimeter around a geographic location with a radius of X meters and being able to track which buses have traveled in that territory at a specific time and date. With automatic vehicle location (AVL) capabilities, you can create geofences to ensure that your fleet is where it needs to be and get reports on each vehicle to optimize operations and maintenance. Get automatic alerts when a bus deviates from its route or if your driver is traveling above the speed limit.

Track your vehicles with geolocation

Track your fleet in real-time with geolocation. Get information about the individual travel time of each bus and how long it stayed at certain locations. This information can be used to optimize routes and analyze the performance of your bus and driver. If an emergency occurs, you always know what issue to address and where.

Get insights and improve your operations with analytics

With IP-based security solutions, you have the opportunity to tap into analytics and get insights on your daily operations. Analytical information such as fuel usage, braking, driving speeds and more can be provided automatically. The information can be put to good use to judge driver performance, cut costs on fuel, set vehicle maintenance reminders and to for record keeping.

Spend less time and storage on video offloading

When buses and trains get back to the station, they have a limited amount of time to offload video. Beyond that, if thousands of vehicles each have 8 hours or more of footage to upload, the process of offloading requires a lot of time and storage. With selective transfer, we only transfer bookmarked events such as a collision, an altercation, etc.

See how it works

Have a look at the capabilities of our IP security solution for mass transit, how some of our customers use it, and how you can benefit from it.

3 ways transit agencies improve passenger safety

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Q&A with our in-house transit specialist

See what our expert has to say about what’s happening in the mass transit market and learn how easy it is to move from analog to IP.

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