Security that works for you

We all need to feel safe in order to thrive. From police officers to transportation chiefs, our innovative technology could strengthen the security, operations and intelligence of almost any organization.


Drive your business forward

We’re a company of engineers who are driven to find solutions to problems. It’s a mentality that informs everything we do – from the way we approach creating our products to the way they’re used. But faster, more efficient security software isn’t the only answer. We realize the importance of being able to see the whole picture as well as understand it.


Gain understanding through collaboration

We believe innovative solutions aren’t created in isolation. Dialogue is the key to success, so our work always begins with a conversation. Our teams spend a considerable amount of time with customers to better understand their situations and develop solutions that make the most of our expertise – and theirs. This collaboration has allowed us to expand beyond IP video surveillance into fully unified security platforms.


Respond effectively and efficiently

Security must be resilient enough to work on both the days where nothing happens and days where the everything happens. A system must have the ability to grow and expand as needed, as well as the capacity to respond to situations and incidents appropriately. Our software is open platform, which allows customers to benefit from trusted security partners around the globe – to develop a solution that responds to your security needs today and tomorrow.


The Genetec approach

A passion for innovation

We invest over a quarter of our revenue back into research and development to consistently drive technology forward.

Collaboration is key

It builds meaningful connections – and starts conversations – across business, government and law enforcement.

Privacy by design

The privacy of citizens is paramount to Genetec. It’s done through meticulous identity masking and the use of auto-redaction technologies.

Security is central

Genetec is constantly increasing the cyber protection offered by its products.

Open means resilient

Genetec works with a vast ecosystem of partners, so it can be flexible to meet whatever security needs its customers might have – keeping it open to new ideas.

In it for the long-haul

Through its strong partnerships, Genetec is able to share its expertize to help customers improve security and visibility in their businesses.

Living and learning

Genetec helps customers use existing physical security data to enhance their operations.

Thinking ahead

Solutions are only as robust as the ideas behind them, so Genetec it’s always looking to the future.


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