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Quickly share digital evidence

Video is a valuable tool to solve crimes, but evidence collection can be a time-consuming process, often requiring officers to go on-site and collect recordings on USB or disks. Genetec Clearance allows organizations to quickly share audio recording, media files from surveillance systems, body worn cameras, and other sources. All while preserving user activity to maintain the chain of custody.

Receive and distribute electronic evidence and avoid the need to maintain DVDs and thumb drives
  • Map cameras around your city and manage video requests in Genetec Clearance
  • Maintain the chain of custody to audit where evidence was sent from, and who had access to it

Learn more in our on-demand webinar

To learn more about Genetec Clearance, watch our webinar with Captain Jeff Jordan of the San Diego Police Department where he discusses how his department manages video evidence to quickly clear cases and protect the community.

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"Our team is saving 25% of time handling evidence, and that frees them up to do other tasks during investigations."

Maxx Kidd, Associate Director of Technology, UTA Police Department

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"Now, operators can easily create cases, import video, add notes about the event, and share content with authorized individuals via email."

Sean Owens, Director of Security Technology & Non- Acute, Lee Health 

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