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Get quicker access to video evidence by building your own camera registration program with Genetec Clearance.

Transform how you collect digital evidence

Video is a crucial tool in investigations. But manually tracking and requesting footage from cameras located near the scene of an incident is inefficient and time consuming.

Genetec Clearance™ facilitates the collection of digital evidence from community partners by allowing agencies to launch their own camera registration program.

What is the impact of video recordings on police criminal investigations?


Up to 80% of crimes involve video evidence.


of video recordings are used to locate or confirm the identity of suspects


15 to 20% American households with smart home security (growing trend)

Clearance helps agencies in their investigations

“Where we used to keep paper records, we now store everything digitally in Clearance—including crime scene photographs, patrol photos from cell phones, interviews, and all our reports and records. And using Clearance means that, when we have to work with case files for whatever reason, all of the data we need is right there at our fingertips.”

Captain Mike Bell, Identification Division Commander at the Galveston Sheriff’s Office, Texas.

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