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Stop growing cyber attacks

In a global context conducive to cybercrime, Axis Communications and Genetec are deploying a common strategy to enable you to anticipate and protect yourself against cyber threats.

According to INTERPOL report, cyber attacks will target major corporations, governments and critical infrastructure more than individuals. In one four-month period (January to April) some 907,000 spam messages, 737 incidents related to malware and 48,000 malicious URLs – all related to COVID-19 – were detected by one of INTERPOL’s private sector partners.

Both large and small businesses are the target. It is therefore urgent for any organization to ensure its cyber defense. The security industry is not immune.

Long-standing partners and pioneers in security technology, our innovations are developed together to better protect you from malicious actions.

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Join us for a series of two webinars on the big topic of cyberattacks and the urgency to stop them.

Webinar 1 : How to stop growing cyber attacks

 Wednesday 17th February

 From 11AM to 12PM


Overview of threats

The emergency in the security industry

Risk management

How to protect yourself from malicious actions

Webinar 2 : Innovations to prevent cyber attaks 

 Wednesday 24th February

 From 11AM to 12PM


Video innovations

Highest quality integration

Occupancy management solutions

Cloud, intercom, and access control system

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