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An on-demand crash course on video management

While it’s true that video management systems (VMS) are quickly evolving and becoming more feature-rich and modular, it also means they are often underutilized. We believe there’s a great benefit to learn more about what you can achieve with your VMS investment.

Who is it for?

This crash course is for anyone who wants to improve their video surveillance knowledge. From wanting to learn how to optimize a current installation to deploying a brand-new VMS.

What will I get out of it?

Get a broader understanding and discover new ways of using video surveillance to its full potential. We’ll also show you how to improve the way you deploy, configure, and protect systems that meet your business objectives.

Other frequently asked questions

Do I need to be a Genetec systems integrator?
No. The crash course is available to anyone interested in learning more about video management.

What do I get if I pass the exam?
If you score 80% or higher on the final exam, you will earn a certificate of accomplishment signed by our CEO and Founder, Pierre Racz. *

How long will each module last?
Every live session will last 1 hour. Watch it at your own convenience!

Is the crash course free of charge?

Course syllabus

  •  Module 1: Video surveillance basics 
  •  Module 2: Architecture & core functionalities 
  •  Module 3: Deployment & resiliency 
  •  Module 4: Automation & intelligence 
  •  Module 5: Cybersecurity & privacy protection 

See the detailed course syllabus

Get a head start now!
You can watch videos and download documentation to ramp up on certain topics and get ready for the crash course.

*Note that this certificate is not equivalent to Omnicast technical certification, and does not confirm you as a member of the Genetec Channel Partner Program.
If you’re interested in Genetec video management technical certification, please click here.

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