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Technology is only as valuable as its impact on real life. Learn how Genetec helped the city of New Orleans use technology to safeguard its community.

How New Orleans did it

How to safeguard your community

  • Protect people, assets, and facilities
    Coordinating emergency management through a common framework provides insights and early warnings that better prepare frontline employees for situations-in-progress.

  • Improve operational efficiency
    Having access to a variety of data sources allows agencies to measure the effectiveness of new initiatives, interventions and optimize strategies to better prepare for potential threats.

  • Gain insights & be more responsive to community needs
    By creating Strategic Decision Support Centers (SDSCs) using dedicated hardware and software solutions, agencies can tap into multiple data sources to quickly get a complete picture of a situation.

Our solutions

Work with a decision support system to address the emerging need for increased connectivity between the security and tactical systems of multiple agencies.
Increase the effectiveness of your investigations with a solution that facilitates collaboration between security departments, outside agencies, and the public.
Create a framework that supports law enforcement, citizens, and decision-makers to work together to achieve public safety, economic growth, and operational efficiency.

See how cities benefit from Genetec solutions

Find out how the New Orleans RTCC secures its city. Get the Q&A.

Find out how New Orleans built a safer city by reading our Q&A with George Barlow Brown, IT Manager at the New Orleans Real-Time Crime Center (RTCC).

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