Feel Safe with Greater Access Control at the Door

Learn about the benefits of an IP access control system and what you should consider when migrating from a legacy system in our informative whitepaper 'Considerations and Best Practices for Migrating to an IP-based Access Control System'  including:

  • Expanding and customizing your physical access control infrastructure
  • Leveraging new capabilities such as Power over Ethernet (PoE) and wireless lock technology
  • Reducing Total Cost of Ownership over the life of your Access Control System

About Genetec IP Access Control

Synergis is the IP access control system that heightens your organization’s security and increases your readiness to respond to incidents, all while leveraging your existing network and security equipment investments.

With sophisticated security functionalities and support for an ever-growing number of third-party access control devices, you can count on Synergis to make your switch to a leading IP system.

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