Optimize Bandwidth Use of Your Security System

Decrease Network and Storage Costs of Your IP Video Surveillance SystemFor organizations choosing to implement or expand an IP video surveillance system, the ability to efficiently manage video streams and storage is crucial to ensure the best use of the network and reduce costs associated with deploying and operating the system.

Learn how to deploy a surveillance system that operates with greater efficiency on your network by choosing a VMS application that supports the following capabilities:

  • End-to-end multicast transmission
  • Stream redirection and multicast-to-unicast conversion
  • Multi-streaming
  • Video caching
  • Archive transfer

About Genetec Omnicast™ Video Surveillance

To avoid network slowdowns or system downtime, the Omnicast™ VMS solution from Genetec allows customers to effectively manage video streams and optimize the use of network resources. Deployed in some of the world’s largest and most demanding video surveillance applications, Omnicast has an advanced architecture that allows customers to scale their system as needed, while also providing the capabilities they need to realize significant cost-savings.

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Decrease Network and Storage Costs of
Your IP Video Surveillance System